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Specialised modules

One of the most appealing features of PowerOffice is its modularity, allowing the user a customized use

beyond the traditional functions offered by a management software.

Some specific modules have already been implemented for opticians, schools, framers, heating and water system (of any size) installers, combustion technicians, shops in general, fitters of any sector and chemical analysis laboratories.

Apart from these specific modules, the whole system has been developed to ensure maximum flexibility in order to cope with any non-standard situations. In such cases PowerOffice will fully meet the needs of the majority of companies.

The specific tables include the following: Subscriptions, Cash, Eye Test, Contact lenses, Laboratory card, Stock management.

The specific tables include the following: Activities, Sessions, Students, Attendance sheet.

The specific tables include the following: Cost analysis, Tender. They also include a function to import the catalogues from the leading retailers of water and heating systems in Switzerland with more than 1,000,000 of products on sale thus saving a great amount of time when calculating offers or participating in tenders. The system has a function to automatically import all the items contained in the tender submitted by the customer or architect.

The specific table here is represented by the database dealing with the calculation of the price depending on the size of the framework, the type of parts used and the labour necessary.

Combustion technicians
The specific table here is represented by Subscriptions that allows the automatic billing of subscriptions of the systems with the creation of planned maintenance lists.

Chemical analysis
The specific tables include the following: Contracts, Chemical analyses, Products. They allow the printing of certificates of analysis in many sectors: industrial, swimming pools, waste water, drinking water, food, diary products, surface, and their automatic periodic billing according to the contracts stipulated.

The specific tables include the following: Cash and Stock management, even for multiple shops simultaneously; they can also be associated to E-commerce websites.

The system includes specific formats that allow the representation and calculation in square meters; this is especially useful to film, floor and upholstery fitters.

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