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And here comes the fun part, and there are no tricks: PowerOffice is free !

This strategy makes us reach a much broader market, allows minimum customer investment and involves a payback period ranging from a few weeks to a few months.

Contact us by phone at 0041 (0)22 860 18 63 to know how to proceed with the installation.

You only have to pay the following costs:

  1. training, which also includes PowerOffice installation, customization and configuration as well as after-sales support throughout the first year of use and at least one PowerOffice update.
  2. FileMaker Pro licenses.
  3. FileMaker Server license for installations with more than three workstations.

The initial investment required to purchase a PowerOffice license amounts to 1’140.00 CHF, all inclusive

  • PowerOffice license
  • FileMaker license
  • Installation
  • 8 hours training
  • After-sales support for one year
  • At least one PowerOffice update.

For a configuration with 5 workstations without server, CHF 1’620.00; with 15 workstations including the installation of a server, CHF 8’900.00.
From the second year, in the first two cases the subscription license is 590.00 CHF; subscription for the third configuration amounts to 890.00 CHF and entitles the holder to at least one PowerOffice update per year, thus ensuring a continuing sustainability of the investment over the years and a highly performing database.

Depending on the context, the market value of the first PowerOffice user license ranges from 5’000.00 to 10’000.00 CHF, while subsequent licenses amount to 1’500.00 CHF for each additional workstation.

By way of comparison, for a configuration with 15 workstations it is hard to find a comparable solution below 30’000.00 CHF for equal performance.

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